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[Case] Pre-formed color ground sign in Rainbow Walk of Panlong Mountain, Jiangxi Province

Recently, on the landscape road of Panlong Mountain in Jiangyin City, Jiangxi Province, a lot of new color ground signs have been added. These signs are made of "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective marking; Its beautiful color, excellent reflective performance, played a good safety warning and beautification role, and the surrounding environment harmonious unity, complement each other.

In January 2022, according to the order requirements of Panlong Mountain Scenic spot in Jiangyin City, Jiangxi Province, our company designed and produced a series of color signs, which have various characters and patterns such as white smiling face, yellow maple leaf, pink cherry blossom, and white love on black background. They are paved in different sections of the landscape road, which not only beautify the scenic road, but also beautify the road. And it has played a good safety warning role.

"Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective marking belt is a new type of reflective material made of polymer flexible polymer, pigment, glass beads and other raw materials. The material uses preforming technology to make complex patterns into finished products in the factory, which reduces the difficulty of construction.

The "color road" color ground sign produced by our company is colorful and eye-catching, which not only points out the correct location of the scenic spot for tourists, but also adds a beautiful scenery to the scenic spot!