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[Case] Preformed ground sign of Luoshan Highway 1, Xinyang, Henan Province

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Henan Province Xinyang City Luoshan County No. 1 tourist highway is Lingshan town to Hejiachong tourist highway construction, which printed with "Highway 1" words of color ground signs, is produced by our company's "color road" brand pre-formed ground signs. Pre-formed color ground signs in the road are brightly colored, adding a beautiful scenery line to it.

"Highway 1" Luoshan Town road ground sign in accordance with customer requirements, the draft came up with a novel design drawing, using gray background, red and white text combination. Preforming color ground signs using preforming technology, the complex pattern production is completed in the factory, the construction only needs to be coated with glue on the ground and the back of the product can be pasted, without the help of other mechanical equipment, no special requirements for the construction personnel, and the construction can be opened to traffic, which can greatly reduce the construction cost and reduce the road closure time.