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[Case] Pre-formed sign - Love zebra crossing appeared in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

Ganzhou, Jiangxi, a love zebra crossing amazing appearance on the street! Zebra crossing with pre-formed reflective material made of red love pattern as the main content, red love burst from the gift box, and white zebra crossing, red and white, very conspicuous.

Not long ago, Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province adopted the "Color Road" brand pre-formed reflective marking belt produced by our company to carry out color transformation of the zebra crossing at the intersection of Wangxiang City, so that the ground traffic signs become more clear and eye-catching, and the warning effect of pedestrians and vehicles is significant, not only intuitively guide pedestrians to cross the road and walk the zebra crossing, but also remind motor vehicle drivers to pay attention to pedestrians in front of the zebra crossing. Improve the intersection traffic efficiency, reduce the probability of traffic accidents!

The traditional zebra crossing is a white line on the city street crosswalk, and the general width is 45cm or 50cm preformed anti-cursor strip. Zebra crossings regulate traffic and make it safer for pedestrians and vehicles to pass, but the single white color also makes them look serious and cold. And this love zebra crossing makes it more friendly and colorful, so that every person walking on it will feel warm and feel love.

"Color Road" brand pre-formed marking belt can be produced in the factory according to customer needs into a variety of characteristic zebra crossings, such as love zebra crossings, three-dimensional zebra crossings, facial zebra crossings, shadow play zebra crossings, piano keys and other zebra crossings, a variety of innovations continue to flow, bright colors, to a single road constantly changing new clothes.

Preformed marking tape

"Color Road" brand pre-formed marking belt is a new type of reflective material made of polymer flexible polymer, pigment, glass beads and other raw materials. The material not only has excellent performance such as reflection, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but also bright color can reduce the visual fatigue of the driver, easy construction and easy removal.