Aluminium foil marking tape

Aluminium foil marking tape

Pre-formed reflective marking tape, which can be made to any specification according to customer requirements.



Product details

Product Information

Name: Aluminium foil marking tape

Brand: Color Road

Colour: white, yellow, red, blue, black and other colours available


Product Features

--Pre-formed reflective marking tape can be made into any specification according to customer requirements.

--The product adopts special aluminium foil as the base material and has glass beads on the surface, which have good reflective and anti-slip properties.

--Applicable to concrete, asphalt, cement, marble and other road surfaces and walls of various materials.

--Can be made into various kinds of marking lines, arrows, words, patterns, coloured marking signs for road surfaces, coloured three-dimensional signs and pipeline signs.


Scope of application

It is used for the marking of temporary road diversions and is a short-lived product, directly adhered to the ground, with a service life of 1-3 months depending on the road conditions and traffic flow.

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