Temporary Pavement Marking Tapes(Reflective Surface)
Temporary Pavement Marking Tapes(Reflective Surface)

Temporary Pavement Marking Tapes(Reflective Surface)

Preformed Temporary Reflective Road Marking Tape is a short-lasting product that is applied directly to the ground and has a service life of 1-3 months depending on the road conditions and traffic flow. has a surface with high-refractive glass beads, offering strong reflective performance, quick installation, and easy removal. It is suitable for temporary expansion or modification of various road types.



Product details

Product Information

Brand: Color Road

Item No: L10611

Color: white, yellow, red, blue, black, and other multi-color optional

Product Features

--Pre-formed reflective line marking tape, can be made into any specification according to customer requirements.

--The base material and the surface of the product have glass beads, which have good reflective and anti-slip properties. it is composed of polyester, and a layer of wear-resistant and environmentally friendly paint and high-brightness glass beads are planted on the surface. And It has the characteristics of strong reflective performance, convenient and quick construction, and convenient cleaning.

--Applicable to concrete, asphalt, cement, marble, and other road surfaces and walls of various materials.

--Can be made into various kinds of marking lines, arrows, words, patterns, colored marking signs for road surfaces, colored three-dimensional signs, and pipeline signs.

Scope of application

Suitable for rubber products, concrete, asphalt, cement, marble, epoxy floor, etc., basically suitable for bonding of various floors and walls, this product is recommended for various ground and wall effects that require reflection Best for long-term use on walls. It can be made into various marking lines, arrows, characters, patterns, road color signs, logos, etc. for temporary use. According to road conditions, traffic flow, and installation conditions, the service life can reach at least 1-3 months.

Product size reference

Product number Length(M) Width(CM) Thickness(MM) Weight(±10%)
L10611 60M 5,10,15,20,40,45,100,Customizable 0.5-0.8MM 0.6kg/sqm 300*300*320MM


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